Any Ideas on Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance

Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance? Take a guess

There are options in every aspect of life but the one regarding car insurance can really leave you guessing. Purchasing car insurance is almost as difficult as choosing the best brand of milk for your newborn. There are so many options but they all seem to have one thing in common, it cost an arm and a leg to obtain and maintain the insurance for vehicles. I have been searching all around town for cheaper automobile coverage but the competition is not price competitive.

Every agency wants a tremendous amount of money down and the monthly rates are not appealing in any case. I see commercials advertising these discounted insurance rates but do they only exist on television? I was having a discussion with my book club a few days ago and two of the parents had just purchased new cars for their children. The insurance rates they mentioned frightened me a bit because they were extremely high. This led to the discussion of how much everyone else pays for insurance. I was surprised to learn that I actually pay more than anyone else and assumed I had great rates.

I am now on a mention to find out who has the cheapest auto insurance. I realized that I could possibly save about $200 monthly if my rates were lowered. There are several options and I’m not sure that the ones I have selected are the best for my situation. Consider this, I accepted a lower deductible to have a cheaper monthly payment, but I have never had an accident. I should receive some type of incentive, and I’ve been with the same company since I was sixteen. My immediate thoughts are to try one of the lesser policies and cut my monthly payments in half. This could be a smart move on my part and I think my bank account will appreciate the extra cash flow also.

My initiative to save money has led me to many great ideas and finding cheaper car insurance was not one. However, people should reexamine the amount of money they spend on their car insurance to be certain they aren’t spending more than they should. It could possibly be one of the easiest ways to save money without doing much work at all. I have already convinced my brother to reevaluate his policy to see if there were any changes he could make to save money.

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